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SYLAB S.A.R.L is a French technology company manufacturing Carbon & Sulfur, Ash Fusion and Fast Pyrolysis analyzers.

SYLAB France founded in 1989, and led for more than 30 years, by Christian Pivovard, a graduate of physics at Metz University.

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Sylab SYstemes de LABoratoires is a limited company, founded in 1989 and led by A graduate in physics with a passion for scientific instrumentation, and therefore specialized in the design of rare analytical instruments (IRS2000, IRCS2000, IF2000, NDIR2000, PYR2000, CSBoxHF) purpose of measurement and control. An important activity of this structure is the development of equipment that is not in the catalog of major manufacturers, this equipment can be set on principle, by an official laboratory, then put in with the development range of technologies we have. The seriousness and quality of our developments, mean that Sylab instruments, developed in Metz, now equip large laboratories in France and abroad: Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Ausria, Greece, Portugl, Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, Philippines, China, South Korea, South Africa, Morocco, India. Our equipment for the determination of fusibility of Biomass ash and bio-fuels ash are continually updated on the advice of the leading laboratories in Sweden and Finland. Sylab is today the best European specialist in this field of the Biomass ash Fusion , and  SYLAB equipments are used in the leading laboratories of Bio-fuel power plants and cogeneration in Europe.

The latest developments in analysis of carbon and sulfur with the addition of high frequency and high power furnaces last generation.These HF ovens including 100% discrete components connected to infrared analytical units 100% static, enable us to offer CS analyzers  four times lighter than our foreign competitors. These units are ideal, both in planning performance, security, maintenance, for use in the nuclear. All consumables, reference materials (CRMs), associated with our analyzers are available internationally in the range of distribution of Elemental Microanalysis LTD

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