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A Global Leader in Weathering Testing Technology. Significant advancement in applying digital and optical technologies in a laboratory weathering instrument.

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Ci Series

The Ci Series Weather-Ometers are the most widely used rotating rack water-cooled xenon-arc weathering testing instruments in the world. Their large capacity and full-functional performance make these instruments the best choice for a wide variety of accelerated weathering test methods. They offer superior irradiance and temperature uniformity within the test chamber, as well as a wide performance envelope for all weathering testing parameters. 

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These premium rotating rack, xenon-arc air-cooled weathering instruments have an array of optional features to meet virtually all global weathering and lightfastness test methods. They incorporate state-of-the-art controls, including on-the-rack, radio controlled sensor technology for superior monitoring of light and temperature. They provide highly efficient systems for water and power to provide economical operation. The intuitive user interface makes programming and operation easy.

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SUNTEST instruments are compact material test chambers for accelerated lightfastness and weathering testing based on filtered xenon lamp technology. All SUNTEST chambers offer a horizontal test plane which is particularly useful for testing 3-D specimens. Lightfastness testing aims at testing a material under solar radiation and temperature only – Weathering testing adds water and moisture to the test.

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