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Xenotest Beta+

  • The Xenotest Beta+ offers fast, reliable answers to product weatherability questions. By incorporating a variety of optional features, the Beta+ can meet virtually all global weathering and lightfastness test requirements.

  • Versatile, Compact Design Without Compromising Sample Capacity

  • 4,000 cm² exposure area offers an adequate sample surface area for the exposure of numerous individual samples

Xenotest Beta+ FD

  • Wherever there is light, there are risks for chemical reactions that can harm colorants, vitamins, flavors, scents or product stability. The Xenotest(r)Beta+ FD offers premium xenon light technology for accelerated photostability testing of packaged consumer goods. It enables short product tests under realistic light and temperature conditions - typically with time-savings >10 vs. real time. This rotating-rack test chamber with premium controls is the most reliable equipment that can help you avoid costly product recalls.

Xenotest beta FD.png

Xenotest 220 / 220+

  • From the introduction of the first Xenotest 150 in 1954 until today, Atlas was collaborating with the global textile industry to continuously improve reliability, product performance and ease of use in the Xenotest product line.

  • Xenotest 220 combines Atlas’ proven xenon test chamber design with state-of the- art controls resulting in long-lasting reliability day after day, essential to each laboratory. Within the Atlas Xenotest series, 220 holds the position of the pure lightfastness specialist in line with the common industry standards ISO 105-B02 and AATCC TM16.

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