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  • Iron

  • Steels

  • Cast Iron

  • Refractories

  • Rocks

  • Cement

  • Catalyst

C: 0.001 to 4 % , to 100% with 50 mg Sample
S: 0.002 to 1 % with 1 g Sample
C & S SENSITIVITY: 0.00001%
ACCURACY :+-1% relative (most samples)
ANALYSIS TIME: 20 to 60 sec typical
SAMPLE WEIGHT :100 to 2000 mg
Combustion method: High Frequency Solid
State Furnace

Carbon and Sulfur Determinator

sylabhfa (1).jpg

For a Steel Analysis, a one-gram sample is placed in a ceramic crucible with some amount of accelerator (copper or tungsten or tin). The crucible is placed on the high frequency combustion pedestal. The crucible is automatically loaded into the combustion chamber. Under an oxygen flow during the quick high power induction heating stage, the steel is burned releasing CO2 and SO2 gases. The gases are filtered, then dried, and analyzed by the infrared cells inside the CSBox in a continuous flow. The results and the combustion curves are displayed in the real time and stored in the Database of the USB connected computer. Because of the exclusive design of the combustion system, the combustion tube is cleaned during the loading-unloading of the crucible. All the periodic cleaning don't require the use of any tool, and can be done by a not specialist staff in your laboratory.

Samples are accurately weighed on the interfaced electronic balance. The operator can choose between the following included protocols: Sartorius, Adam, Ohaus, Mettler or a manual entry. The sample weight is automatically transfered into the stack area of the memory. The analysis time depends of analyzed Sample (generally between 120 to 360 seconds). The computer is driving the CSbox through a USB port , the software,delivered on a CD, is running under Windows XP, W7, you can use a dedicated computer or your laptop.


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