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Coal & Biofuels Ash Fusion

6 samples in automatic mode

  • Refuse-D erived Fuel (RFD) Ash

  • Solid mineral fuel Ash

  • Solid biofuels Ash

  • Coal Ash

  • Coke Ash

The IF 2000G/F/FCA are automatic instruments for the determination of the ash fusion points by the mean of image analysis. This determination uses the most modern technology for monitoring, computing, storing results and curves obtained during the test according with your specifications. Once the sample is introduced into the furnace, the operator is free until the end of the analyze. The results and the curves are automatically stored in a DATA BASE and automatic reports are printed. The analyzer can work with 6 Ash Samples in Semi-Atomatic Mode and 4 ash samples simultaneously in Full Automatic Mode , all the dimensions, rounding, form factor, volume ... are individually computed and stored . Each sample picture is individually stored 1°C by 1°C, and can be easily retrieved in your own report

sylab1 (1).jpg
  1. ISO540 ,ASTM, CEN/TS 15404 Nov 2006 (new release of CEN/1570 ).

  2. Specimen shape cylinder with hight of 3 - 5 mm and diameter equal to hight or pyramids 19*6*6mm.

  3. The mould, related devices and consumables included.

  4. Furnace (for IF2000FCA model 1600°C capability, for IF2000G model 1700°C capability).

  5. resolution 1 °C.

  6. Specific temperature determination precision 20 °C.

  7. Temperature ramp range 1°C to 12 °C.

  8. Gases : CO/CO2 & CO2/H2 mixture ready to use ,additional feature included CO, CO2, H2 separate entries, and mixture automatically made by the analyzer . An air pump is included for tests in oxidizing atmospheres.

  9. Gas Flow control + additional empty tanks control feature.

  10. Automatic air flow cooling for the furnace + CO/CO2/H2/Air exhaust tube to the lab Hood.

  11. IF2000G includes CO measurement device connected, with audible and visible alarm + CO level indication + automatic gas shut off.

  12. Test program included , and in addition, simulated analysis features using recorded picture of a previous analysis.

  13. 13- 4 samples simultaneously analyzed, fully automatic, the analyzer can run overnight (3 runs / day).

  14. Automatic identification , settings included in the setup, sample shape automatic recognition, and computed points automatically setted according the selected Norm.

  15. Image collection of individual sample 1°C by 1°C , image collection of whole camera picture included all samples 4°C by 4°C.

  16. Automatic test reports and automatic reports as pdf files with a "pdf printer " software.

  17. In the standard delivery: Au and Coal Ash reference material included.

  18. In standard package Industrial Embedded PC under XPe included with Network.

  19. Connexions complying the EU standards.

  20. the standard statup kit is including 1x IF2 325C2: 4 samples Alumina Fusion Tray (100p)+ IF2 313CNC:2 samples Alumina fusion tray 100pcs , so 400+200 analysis.

  21. For research in Biomass Ash behaviour, exclusiv Zirconia-yttria fusion trays are provided wit IF2000G Model


Up to 4 Samples in Full Automatic Mode (Biomass Ash or Coal Ash), any Sample Shape from 3*3*3mm up to 19*6*6mm (Heating Elements and Ceramic with up to 1750°C Capability) According to Norms: CEN, ISO, ASTM, AFNOR, BRITISH and AUSTRALIAN for Biomass, Refuse-Derived Fuels and Coal.



Up to 6 Samples in Semi Automatic Mode, up to 4 Samples in Full automatic Mode (Coal AshOnly),any Sample Shape from 3*3*3mm up to 19*6*6mm (Heating Elements and Ceramic with up to 1580°CCapability)According to Norms: ISO, ASTM


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