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PGX+ Pocket Goniometer

  • Pocket Goniometer PGX+ defines several surface properties for quality control. The instrument measures the dynamic and static contact angle of a standard liquid. During testing the instrument is connected to the special PC software.

  • Standards: ASTM D5946, ASTM D724, TAPPI T458

  • Pocket Goniometer PGX+ defines several surface properties for quality control. The instrument measures the dynamic and static contact angle of a standard liquid on paper and board, solar cell panels, windshields, metal cylinders, and similar surfaces. PGX+ uses a camera which can take up to 80 pictures per second. This way, both the static and the dynamic contact angle of the droplet can be measured. The Pocket Goniometer may also be used to measure surface tension and surface free energy (SFE).

  • Full control

    • The PGX+ is the ideal instrument to perform dynamic tests like absorption tests. During a test, the apparatus is connected to the computer. Special software gives an accessible overview of the optional tests, giving the operator full control. Droplet size, method of deposit, start delay, and sample rate are just some of the adjustable parameters.

  • No sample preparation

    • The PGX+ Pocket Goniometer provides a mini test environment and can be placed directly onto the sample surface. It is unnecessary to prepare individual samples. A test is typically performed with deionized water. However, using other liquids is also possible.

  • Analysis

    • Test data is transferred to the computer immediately. Pictures and data can be stored and analyzed. This direct feedback allows for quickly adjusting the test set-up. Adjustments to improve the results can be made instantly.
      The test results can provide insight into the level of contamination, adhesion, surface energy, and printability of a surface.

  • Conform to international Standards

    • PGX+ Pocket Goniometer conforms to all major international standards, including ASTM D724, Standard test for surface wettability of paper (Angle of contact method), and ASTM D5946, Standard test for Corona treated polymer films using water contact angle measurements.

  • Dosing Unit

    • The PGX Dosing Unit is optionally available. This add-on pumping device is designed to deliver liquid droplets from a disposable one ml syringe. The PGX Dosing Unit is used as an add-on to the PGX+ to provide more accurate delivery of droplets or allow for the use of high viscose samples.

    • The PG Dosing Unit offers different pump modes. Some of these will pump out a fixed, preset droplet volume whereas other modes are programmable by the operator. Some of the programmable modes are based on a pump cycle where the pump will reverse automatically to offer measurements of wetting hysteresis using the advancing/receding contact angle method.

  • The list below describes the available operating modes:
    • FILL (F) is used when a new syringe is loaded into the PG Dosing Unit.
    • FIXED ( 2/ 4/ 8 ) pumps out a single droplet of the preset size.
    • SINGLE (S1, S2, S3) pumps out a single droplet of programmable size.
    • CYCLE (C1, C2, C3) offers programmable pump cycles. A pump cycle contains three phases; advancing, receding and ’top-up’.

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