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Counting Scales

With a choice of sizes, capacities, readabilities and options, Adam counting scales can easily accommodate counting, check counting, filling, checkweighing and totalization needs. They are able to quickly and accurately count parts, saving time in manufacturing applications and reducing waste when filling packs.

Simple to use, Adam Equipment's counting scales are available with a single display, or with three displays to simultaneously show unit weight, count and total weight. Adam offers dual counting scales, which maximize efficiency by allowing the use of a second auxiliary platform when counting large quantities.

CBC Bench Counting Scales

The durable CBC is designed for demanding industrial counting tasks. This hardy scale features a numeric keypad for unit weight and sample entry, and the backlit display shows total weight, unit weight and number of pieces.
Capacity: 3kg to 48kg
Readability: 1g to 2g


CBD Bench Counting Scales

CBD has the ability to connect to a larger, optional remote base to count large numbers of items in oversized containers. Users can switch between weighing on the built-in pan or auxiliary platform.Capacity: 4kg to 48kgReadability: 0.1g to 2g


CBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

Fully featured, the CBK tackles a variety of applications, making it the right choice for weighing, checkweighing and basic counting. A portable, streamlined design makes it easy to move the scale to where it’s needed next.
Capacity: 3kg to 48kg
Readability: 1g to 2g


GBC Bench Counting Scales

GBC offers a combination of features and durability, making it well-suited for industrial counting tasks. A numeric keypad simplifies unit weight and sample entry, while the display shows total weight, unit weight and number of pieces.
Capacity: 16kg to 60kg
Readability: 0.5g to 2g


GC Counting Indicator

With a wide range of features, the GC is ideal for parts counting tasks. Its numeric keypad facilitates unit weight and sample entry, while the display shows unit weight, total weight and number of pieces.


GFC Floor Counting Scales

Designed for heavy-duty industrial tasks, GFC can capably handle capacities up to 660lb/300kg.
Capacity: 75kg to 300kg
Readability: 0.005kg to 0.02kg


LBC Counting Scales

LBC counting scales are a compact and portable solution for small manufacturing or packaging applications. Three LCDs show weight, average piece weight, and number of pieces, making parts counting fast and easy.
Capacity: 3kg to 30kg
Readability: 0.1g to 1g


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