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Pressure Tests

The resistance to internal pressure testing is the most important test of thermoplastic pipes to constant internal water pressure at constant temperature. The specimens are subjected to a constant hydrostatic internal pressure at a constant ambient temperature either for a specified period or until they fail, to examine the time-elongation behavior of the polymer. The test duration is subject to the tension generated by the internal pressure and the temperature.

IPT offers a wide range of internal pressure test systems to suit the most varied customer requirements. Starting with mid-range performance units up to entire test systems for large test labs. Their full compatibility and modular structure clear the way to upgrade and growth.

Way back in the early nineties, IPT was already revolutionising internal pressure creep and burst testing with its fully-hydraulic tester. Since then, the name AIRLESS has been a byword for safe, reliable and user-friendly pipe testers from IPT. A further major step forward has been made with the new 1720/1724 model: here the technology was methodically developed based on extensive experience. The entire system is packed into a well-designed cabinet and combined with a state-of-the art control system.

  • Determination of the required dimension

  • Determination of the pressure rate

  • Test of the expected life-time

Airless Professional Line (Model no. 1720) 

Advanced Airless-Technology, combined with the cultivated, patented and impulsive design of IPT.


Airless BasicLine 
(Model no. 1670)

For first-time users with 5 stations.


Airless BlueLine
(Model no. 1520) 

With integrated high pressure water supply, for up to 20 individual pressure stations.


Airless LightLine
(Model no. 1750)

For customers with low test volumes.


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