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Acidity and conductivity are two of the most measured parameters. From simply checking the quality of a fishpond to testing medicine, foodstuff or the composition of paint; Both parameters are these days the basics of Quality control. pH pH is the abbreviation of Hydrogen potential in an aqueous solution. The pH scale for pH measurement runs practically from 0 to 14.

Benchtop conductivity meter CON 700

The CON 700 offers years of reliable, accurate and consistent performance.

User-friendly features make the instrument an ideal research partner in laboratories, productions plants and schools.


– Large screen that displays Conductivity or TDS readings with Temperature in ºC or ºF
– Ready indicator let you know when readings are stable
– Selectable cell constant
– Auto-ranging across 5 Conductivity and TDS ranges
– Up to 5-point push button calibration
– Non-volatile memory holds up to 100 data points
– Integral electrode holder


Benchtop pH meter pH 700

Economical, user-friendly and accurate, the Eutech pH 700 is your ideal choice for routine applications in laboratories, productions plants and schools.

– Large, easy-to-read display
– Ready indicator let you know when readings are stable
– Up to 5-point calibration with auto-buffer recognition
– Non-volatile memory holds up to 100 data points
– Integral electrode holder


Calibration and Maintenance Solution

TQC Calibration and Maintenance Solutions are essential for calibrating and maintaining the pH and/or conductivity gauge. A wide range of liquid measuring systems is available, in addition to acidity (pH), conductivity (S) and temperature (T), we also have instruments measuring levels of dissolved oxygen and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), as well as Ion-selective meters. Portable versions and desktop models for use in laboratories.

Combotester pH EC TDS Temperature

  • This Combo waterproof tester offer high accuracy pH, EC/TDS and temperature measurements in a single tester! No more switching between meters for your routine measurements. The waterproof Combo (it even floats) has a large easy-to-read, dual-level LCD and automatic shut-off. pH and EC/TDS readings are automatically compensated for the effects of temperature (ATC). This technologically advanced tester has a replaceable pH electrode cartridge with an extendable cloth junction as well as an EC/TDS graphite electrode that resists contamination by salts and other substances. This gives these meters a greatly extended life. Your tester no longer needs to be thrown away when the pH sensor is exhausted.

  • The EC/TDS conversion factor is user selectable as is the temperature compensation coefficient (ß). Fast, efficient, accurate and portable, the Combo pH, EC/TDS and temperature tester brings you all the features you’ve asked for and more!


Conductivity Gauge Ecoscan Cond 6PLUS KIT

  • Powerful portable conductivity gauge with large measuring range. Equipped with cable electrode and integrated temperature probe for automatic temperature compensation. The high accuracy and robust protective casing make this gauge ideal for use in the field and laboratory.

Digital Resistivity Meter For Coatings

  • Standards: ASTM D5682
    Digital instrument to measure the resistivity of paints, varnishes and liquids in a fast and precise way. Indispensable for the correct functioning of electrostatic paint installations. It helps saving paint and reducing paint waste. The probe is easy to clean. Ransburg scale, from 100 Kohm to 20 Mohm. The equipment has an inside Autoscaling, which allow to measure all range of resistivity without changing the reading procedure.

  • Fast and easy to use; Switch on the equipment, and introduce the probe into the paint. Press measuring bottom “ START”, and after 10 seconds approx the resistivity value is displayed.
    In accordance with ASTM D 5682


Elite Conductivity / TDS / Salinity and Temperature Meter

  • The Elite Pocket Tester simultaneously shows conductivity/TDS*/Salinity and temperature. This meter is standard supplied with the Bresle Kit, in which it is used to measure soluble salts. The Elite Pocket Tester is also very suitable for a variety of other applications, including hydroponics, food & beverage, environmental, drinking water, wastewater, pool & spa, agriculture, aquaculture, education, and industrial.
    * Total Dissolved Solids.

Palmtop Salinity Meter Ecoscan Salt 6

  • EcoScan Salt 6 for quick, accurate salinity measurements in laboratories, field and schools. The instrument has a lot of unique features like push-button Calibration with ±1% full scale accuracy, Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for the optimum accuracy under fluctuating temperatures, self-Diagnosis with message codes for easy troubleshooting and an electrode with Built-in ATC designed for minimal air bubble entrapment during measurement.

  • A protective rubber boot shields the meter from drops and features a sturdy built-in stand for easy bench-top operation.


pH Indicator Paper Universal
– pH 1-14

  • Indicator paper on a roll for acid and base (alkaline) test.
    – fast response time within a minute
    – easy to read, accurate color charts
    – high contrast for easy color chart comparisons

pH meter pH Testr 30 (Waterproof)

  • Ideal for quick and accurate pH checks in pools and spas, aquariums and hydroponics operations, or anywhere frequent pH testing is required. pHTestr 30 meets requirements for many standard environmental and ASTM test methods.


pH-Meter pH 5PLUS

  • Easy to use, robust pH meters. Equipped with automatic temperature compensation, buffer recognition and calibration memory. Splash proof keypad.
    Rubber protecting case included as standard.

pH-meter pH Testr 10 (Waterproof)

  • Easy-to-use, fully waterproof, pH meter with large display. Floats. The modular design makes it extremely easy to change electrodes. The PH meter is equipped with automatic calibration with buffer recognition. The accuracy of the meter is 0,1 Ph. With automatic temperature compensation.


Resistivity Gauge For Coatings

  • Simple instrument for measuring the surface resistivity of electrostatically sprayed coatings. The probe is easy to clean and is immersed in the coating. The measured value is recorded on an analogue scale.

  • The TQC Electrostatic Paint Meter has been designed to provide manufacturers and users of electrostatic paints a reliable and inexpensive means of checking the resistivity of paints, and as a result their suitability for spraying by electrostatic means.

  • The meter is invaluable for maintaining a check on the electrical properties of paint for electrostatic use, particularly where the resistance may have altered due to storage or temperature changes. In addition, paint manufacturers with the aid of the meter are usually able to make high and low resistance paints suitable for electrostatic use by the addition of appropriate solvents or by a reformation of the basic material used.

  • • Scale A – Calibrated in Ohmic (Ω) values for paint manufacturers
    • Scale B – A simple non-Ohmic scale divided into three ranges namely; High, Spray-able Range and Low.

  • TQC Electrostatic Paint Meter comes complete with:
    • Electrostatic Paint Meter
    • Paint Test Probe
    • Meter Case
    • Choice of Calibration (Uncalibrated/ Calibrated with Certification)
    • Instruction Manual

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