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A lot of instruments in this chapter are not directly related to a specific paint application but still of interest for the coating industry. Some instruments, like laser distance meters, are useful for architectural and paint advising consultants who need to calculate spatial volumes. Whilst gas monitoring equipment protects the painter against toxic and/or flammable gasses in polluted areas.

PGX+ Pocket Goniometer

Pocket Goniometer PGX+ defines several surface properties for quality control. The instrument measures the dynamic and static contact angle of a standard liquid. During testing the instrument is connected to the special PC software.

Standards: ASTM D5946, ASTM D724, TAPPI T458
Pocket Goniometer PGX+ defines several surface properties for quality control. The instrument measures the dynamic and static contact angle of a standard liquid on paper and board, solar cell panels, windshields, metal cylinders, and similar surfaces. PGX+ uses a camera which can take up to 80 pictures per second. This way, both the static and the dynamic contact angle of the droplet can be measured. The Pocket Goniometer may also be used to measure surface tension and surface free energy (SFE).


Full control
The PGX+ is the ideal instrument to perform dynamic tests like absorption tests. During a test, the apparatus is connected to the computer. Special software gives an accessible overview of the optional tests, giving the operator full control. Droplet size, method of deposit, start delay, and sample rate are just some of the adjustable parameters.

No sample preparation
The PGX+ Pocket Goniometer provides a mini test environment and can be placed directly onto the sample surface. It is unnecessary to prepare individual samples. A test is typically performed with deionized water. However, using other liquids is also possible.

Test data is transferred to the computer immediately. Pictures and data can be stored and analyzed. This direct feedback allows for quickly adjusting the test set-up. Adjustments to improve the results can be made instantly.
The test results can provide insight into the level of contamination, adhesion, surface energy, and printability of a surface.
Conform to international Standards

PGX+ Pocket Goniometer conforms to all major international standards, including ASTM D724, Standard test for surface wettability of paper (Angle of contact method), and ASTM D5946, Standard test for Corona treated polymer films using water contact angle measurements.

Dosing Unit
The PGX Dosing Unit is optionally available. This add-on pumping device is designed to deliver liquid droplets from a disposable one ml syringe. The PGX Dosing Unit is used as an add-on to the PGX+ to provide more accurate delivery of droplets or allow for the use of high viscose samples.
The PG Dosing Unit offers different pump modes. Some of these will pump out a fixed, preset droplet volume whereas other modes are programmable by the operator. Some of the programmable modes are based on a pump cycle where the pump will reverse automatically to offer measurements of wetting hysteresis using the advancing/receding contact angle method. The list below describes the available operating modes:

FILL (F) is used when a new syringe is loaded into the PG Dosing Unit.
FIXED ( 2/ 4/ 8 ) pumps out a single droplet of the preset size.
SINGLE (S1, S2, S3) pumps out a single droplet of programmable size.
CYCLE (C1, C2, C3) offers programmable pump cycles. A pump cycle contains three phases; advancing, receding and ’top-up’

Carrying Cases – High-quality

Peli-Products offer a wide range of sturdy carrying cases made from hard-wearing, rust free plastic. The cases are air tight, waterproof and virtually indestructible. Each carrying case is equipped with a vacuum relief valve to open the carrying case. Some cases are equipped with wheels or special interiors. All cases come with adjustable foam lining, and are available in a range of colours, including yellow, orange and silver, as well as black (standard colour).



Plastic needle compass equipped with revolving dial. The direction in which the compass needle points is referred to as magnetic north, making it extremely easy to determine the position of gardens, streets and buildings.

Conveyor Ground Test

  • New conveyor ground test with five steps which informs you whether items to be painted are sufficiently grounded. Especially designed for electrostatic coating applications.
    A poor ground of the pieces to be coated may result in a poor quality of the electrostatic coating work. Coating thickness may not be sufficient or the pieces may not be even covered.
    Consult your paint manufacturer or the supplier of your spray equipment for correct values.
    The LD5900 is a low cost, easy to use ground check that is battery operated.


Digital Lux Meter

  • TQC Handheld digital Lux meter with large display. Readings in Lux and Fc.
    Light can be quantified in many ways, i.e., Lux, Lumens, Foot candles, candle power, candelas, and so on. The two most common scales are Lux used in Europe, and Footcandles used in the U.S.
    Simple operation for use in Industrial applications, factories, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and shops.
    Measurements up to 400.0Klux / 40.00 kFc, Peak-hold function for tracing peak signals.

Digital Sound Level Meter

  • Sound level meter has a wide dynamic range from 30 to 130 decibel. Frequency range is 31,5H to 8 KHz. It has different frequency weighting A and C to respond to human sense or machine monitoring purposes. For different sound patterns, it also supplies Fast and Slow time constant setting. The digital display with 4 digits is illuminated , resolution 0,1 dB. Hold function for maximum values. Microphone: Electret condenser microphone.

Feeler Gauge

  • Feeler gauge. Blade length 45mm, width 13mm


Feeler Gauge 20-parts

  • Feeler Gauge made of tool quality steel and equipped with a clear scale. (graduation)
    20 conical parts
    Range : 0,05 – 1.0 mm


Protective Cases – Low Cost

  • A series of sturdy plastic cases equipped with different layers of high-density foam. The foam can be cut to size.
    Ideal for composing specific measuring sets or to protect valuable equipment.



  • In order to obtain a fair coverage of edges it is very important that, especially outward exposed round edges of windows, doors and window frames have a minimal radius
    The instrument has a range of 1 to 7m mm in steps of 0,25 mm. 20 sheets.


RAL Digital

  • The software for architects, interior decorators and all those who deal with colours in a creative way. It integrates the RAL colours into graphics and CAD programmes. Easy, quick and output-optimized.


Safety Spectacles with UV-filter

  • Standards: ISO 8502-3
    Safety goggles with 100% UV filter, anti-scratch and anti-condensation. Molded in sideshields for maximum protection and wide field of vision. Compatible with 9300 series dust mask.
    Blue frame with yellow lenses, weight 24 grams.


TC801B Tachometer

  • A digital tachometer suitable for both contact and non-contact measuring. The instrument is equipped with memory capacity for the maximum, minimum and last measured values. It can also be used for measuring wheel speed.
    Delivered with a case and accessories.


USB to Serial RS232 Cable

  • The USB to Serial RS232 Cable can be used to extend your PC or Notebook with a virtual RS232 communication port in those cases that a serial device needs to be connected. The USB to Serial RS232 Cable can be used to connect the CurveX Oven Logger, the Dewcheck Dewpoint meter or any other gauge that implements the serial RS232 port.

Vacuum Pump Oil-Free  

  • Oil-free vacuum pump. Available in 110VAC/60Hz and 220VAC/50Hz
    Oil-free vacuum pump. The absence of lubricant and oil in the piston makes it maintenance free. This vacuum pump can be used with for instance the AB3655, Automatic Film Applicator Compact.
    Available in 110VAC/60Hz and 220VAC/50Hz


Wedge for Measuring Reverse-Side Tolerance

  • Anodised aluminum wedge for quick measurement or reverse-side tolerance or windows and doors. The tolerance is given in millimetres. It is also equipped with a measuring scale for optically determining the thickness or glass.

Distance Gauges Leica Disto

  • Measuring with the Leica DISTO™ is simple, quick and accurate. The Leica DISTO™s provide you with the right function for every application. Versatile and robust, they match their daily tasks. At the touch of a button, Leica DISTO™s provide precise measurement data quickly and reliably, even from inaccessible places, saving enormous amounts of time and money.

  • Continuous further development and new technologies mean Leica DISTO™s provide comprehensive functionality. Equipped with a multitude of innovations, they are flexible and versatile across a wide range of applications. When in use, Leica DISTO™s excel through the highest accuracy and reliability.

  • The combination of distance meter and tilt sensor allows the user to take indirect measurements of distance and heights much more accurately than with conventional measuring methods. The digital Pointfinder, with its 4x zoom and large colour display, makes targeting easier over long distances. Determining dimensions in a picture is revolutionary. Only the distance to the object is measured. Then the desired dimension can be marked using arrows in the display and the measured value appears.

  • The brochure lists the functions by model.


Aluminum Transport Case

  • Sturdy Aluminum transport case, ideal for composing specific measuring sets or to protect valuable equipment.
    With combination lock, pencil / paper folders and high density foam layer which can be cut to size.

  • Outer dimensions: 370 x 455 x 14 mm
    Size high density foam layer: 320 x 440 x 55 mm

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