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Coatings applied can have irregularities due to different circumstances. Surface uncleanness, paint differences and dust or air bubbles enclosed can cause pinholes, thin spots, cracks etc. To prevent an early breakdown of the coating system causing corrosion underneath, tests has to be made to find the weak spots and action can be taken before problems occur over time.

High Voltage Holiday Detector

  • The TQC High Voltage Holiday Detector or porosity test provides accurate detection of pinholes, flaws, inclusions, thin spots and bubbles in a coating. The gauge has been specifically designed to revolutionise high voltage DC testing of coatings, making it safer, easier and more reliable than previously possible.

  • The high voltage technique can be used to test coatings up to 36 mm thick. This method is ideal for inspecting paint on pipelines, tankbottoms and other protective coatings. Coatings on concrete can also be tested using this method.

  • The instrument has a lot of unique features. A current limiting to avoid coating damage, , and a safety hand grip without sensitive electronics. Extended ribbing on the handle provides an effective barrier between the high voltage and the user. Accurate sensitivity adjustment allows use on metallised or slightly damp coatings.

  • Pictures copyright: PCWI


Low Voltage Pinhole Detector

  • The TQC Low Voltage Pinhole detector enables the user to inspect various coatings on conductive substrates for small defects such as holidays and pinholes using the ‘wet sponge technique’.

  • The grounding clamp is connected to an untreated piece of the substrate (which is electrically connected with the measurement area), where the wet sponge will be used to probe the entirety of the coating with the selected voltage applied. When current flows from the sponge wand to the grounding clamp, this indicates a defect in the coating. The user will be notified using the selected feedback method(s). (Buzzer, vibration, headphones and/or display.

  • The TQC Pinhole Detector is available in two models: Basic and Advanced.
    The number of detected pinholes is stored in memory, and remains available after power down, even when replacing batteries. This memory can be cleared by the user

  • Features:
    • Color Display with battery indicator and menu based user interface
    • Intuitive single button controls
    • Visual, audible and tactile feedback*
    • Return cable connectivity detection*
    • Smart power saving features (screen dimming, standby, auto power-off)
    • Detected pinhole counter
    • Automated self-diagnostics
    * Depending on model

  • To have full access in any area a special Low Voltage Expansion Kit is available. This kit comes without the Low Voltage Pinhole Detector, however the detector and its standard accessories can be stored in it. The kit comes in a sturdy suitcase that contains a telescopic stick, roller-sponge, spare sponge, universal clamp, customizable sponge, pair of scissors, magnet ground clamp, plastic bottle, 10 m cable 4 mm, 1,25 m cable 4 mm, M6 hexagonal adapter.

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