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Laboratory equipment delivered by TQC is commonly used in paint manufacturing, testing, application and general laboratory. A variety of paint test equipment is available to perform an experiment or to take measurements and gather product data. During development or as production reference tool the need for these kind of paint test equipment is indispensable.


Hotplate Stirrer With Temperature Probe

  • TQC Hotplate Stirrer with external temperature probe, support rod and clamp.

  • The ceramic coated hotplate of the TQC Hotplate Stirrer has a high chemical/Acid resistance. The Jog-Shuttle switch (Turn + Push) eases setting heat (up to 380°C), stirring speed (80-1500 RPM) and time. The illuminated display shows these values, and they can be stored in the memory. The temperature is adjustable in 0,5°C steps., stirring speed in 5 RPM steps. TQC Hotplate Stirrer has a capacity of 20 liter.

  • The end of a run or probe failure is indicated with an acoustic signal.

  • The TQC Hotplate Stirrer is protected against overheating and overload.

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