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Examples are Colloïds, a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance, Emulsions, a mixture of two or more immiscible (un-blendable) liquids and Suspensions, a heterogeneous fluid containing solid particles that are sufficiently large for sedimentation. The making of a dispersion is called dispersing. Paint In paint technology a dispersion is a mixture of binding materials.


Grindometers Fineness of Grind Gauges

  • Standards: ASTM D1084, ASTM D1210, ASTM D1316, DIN 53203, DIN EN ISO NF21524, FTMS 141 a, ISO 1524, M.4411.1, NF T 30-046, ГОСТ 6589

  • Grindometers or Fineness of Grind Gauges are precision instruments to determine particle size and fineness of many materials like paints, lacquers, pigments, filler, chocolate etc..

  • Most TQC Sheen Grindometers have double grooves with graded slopes graduated in three different parameters: µm (microns), NS (Hegman) and PCU (North). Gauge and beveled scraper are made of hardened stainless steel and have an accuracy of 2 µm.

Grindometer Scale overview

  • Complies with standards: ASTM D 1210, ASTM D 1316, JIS K 5600-2-5, ISO 1524, DIN EN 21524, BS 3900-C6

  • Dimensions:
    The base: 175x60x12mm with 120mm groove length
    The scraper: 75x38x8mm shaped to be hold easily.

  • Features:
    • Precision instrument
    • Ergonomic shaped scraper, for an easy grip.
    • Many models available

  • Scope of supply:
    • Pouch
    • Grindometer
    • Scraper
    • Manual
    • Calibration Certificate

TIDAS – Aut. fineness of grind gauge scanner

  • TQC Grindo meters are suitable for use with the the state-of-the-art TIDAS system. This automated fineness of grind gauge scanner is supplied by Labman

  • The system works to objectively rate the particle dispersion in materials such as paints, lacquers, pigments, filler and chocolate. TIDAS differentiate between air bubbles and true particles and the rating can be customized to the requirements of each customer. All the results, data and images, are presented in an electronic format. The system is supplied complete with a PC and one Fineness of Grind Gauge.

  • Dimensions: The base: 320x250x740mm


Grindometer Tool For Automatic Film Applicator

  • The device allows the user to clamp a TQC grindometer scraper onto the TQC Automatic Film Applicator.

  • Grindometer tool to be used as an optional test tool for the TQC Automatic Film Applicators. This device allows the user to clamp a TQC grindometer scraper onto the TQC Automatic Film Applicator, to define the fineness of grind accurately and reproducibly.

  • This article ONLY contains the tool. Automatic film applicator and grindometer are sold separately.

Test Sieves Stainless Steel 200x50mm

  • Standards: ISO 3310-1, ISO 3310-2
    TQC can offer a variety of Test Sieves. All Test Sieves have stainless steel frames and are supplied with woven wire mesh in accordance with DIN ISO 3310-1/DIN ISO 3310-2
    Sieves with stainless steel frames are suitable for dry sieving, wet sieving and manual sieving.
    Ideal for the following applications:
    -Particle size determination

  • All sieves are individual laser engraved which provides a clear and accurate labeling with full traceability.

  • A variety of sizes are standard kept on stock, all other sizes are possible to be ordered on request.


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